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Gleba - Aliquots Pt. 2

by Gleba

Tether 03:12
Seems it’s always turning on a dime Anodyne casing filled with noise While I was catching up Something was spilling over Over the side, saturated in time Make me a point of view Always a task to do It’s there where are finding all that we are Murky as an early morning Turning on a wheel of fortune Habits formed from trying Roll a die Wondering what’s in charge? Raised to the highest power But there’s no time Time is splitting an I Sounding what it’s like An animal pulling its tether Different every time Haphazardly bundled together Take it anodyne With the balance keeping uneven Sounding what it’s like An animal pulling its tether
Dull shock ad nauseam Good or bad? Either way it’s only Useful as you make it Calling for something’s not what I’m made of Good grief what a mess Turning up stones wherever it goes And at least couldn’t it not break through to the Dead weight of my body? Body’s tired It doesn’t know what I’m doing Work or play? Leave me to salvage what remains Time to check up with new sources Turning up stones whatever you know And at least it makes worries irrelevant And now to reach inside of a heart As if to extract a whole That appointment is postponed But only slightly Waiting on a sound Something’s been postponing singing songs Noisy old mens implicitly reactionary? Reacting to something’s not what I’m made of Frozen in my body, taking too long to cough up the words Corpus callosum’s intact more or less And now the surgery that’s been done Congratulations are won to the next in line Postponed: a heart in ribbons Turning on a dime Heart in ribbons Glitter bursting Full of presents
Xmas Beetles 00:52
Smoke Sign 03:33
Fires burning all the time I’m in my own fire making signs Signals of faraway pain Most couldn’t register Life strives to stay live Advertising screens fire Whatever’s around All ground is dry Smoke signs are warning us now Affordable living’s moving out Signal sent away Travels up the wire No organic life Plant or animal Water in a cell Plasma in an egg Keeping cool the squishy head Life strives to stay live Without the signs Affordable living’s moving out Advertising screens fire Whatever’s around All ground is dry


The 2nd in a series of art-punk-pop-experimental-something-or-other EPs I've been putting together at home during COVID. The 1st can be found at gleba.bandcamp.com

Gleba so far mostly consists of Jax Mill.
Christine Sedge features on keyboards and saxophone in 'Smoke Sign'.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy!

Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios


released December 21, 2020

Released as part of DEMO FEST 2020
All proceeds are going to Solidarity Across Borders


all rights reserved



DEMO FEST Montreal, Québec

DEMO FEST is a fundraiser for Solidarity Across Borders. Over 200 artists spent the fall writing/recording/producing a ‘demo’ style new release. Everything was released on December 21st.

All proceeds go to Solidarity Across borders. Consider paying more than the minimum for individual releases, or buying the complete discography. Every little bit counts!
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